Do you often have to run to the loo during movies? Use this app!



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RunPee is an app with an extensive database where you can find the best time to get up and run to the bathroom during a movie without missing anything important. Basically, it tells you which parts of the movie are less important or slightly boring.

The app is specially designed for anyone with bladder problems who needs to go to the bathroom regularly. When you click on the name of a movie, you can see a list of good times to use the bathroom, including approximately how much time you'll have. You can even activate a function so your phone will vibrate to notify you of these moments.

Another interesting feature – for users both with and without bladder problems – is that the app will tell you whether there's an extra scene after the credits. That way, you can avoid watching all the credits for an extra scene that might never come.

RunPee is a very useful app for anyone who has to use the bathroom often. Now, thanks to this app, you'll never miss an important scene again.

Requires Android 2.3 or higher

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